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Welcome to Nantes, the forward-thinking city

Regularly quoted in newspapers as being one of the nicest cities in France, Nantes is also renowned for being a rich, lively and innovative city. Its economic clout makes Nantes France's 3rd largest industrial city and 2nd most successful city in terms of employment growth.

Nantes strikes a remarkable balance between historical heritage and innovation, way of life, economy and culture. Located at the mouth of the Loire river, Nantes is, by nature, a welcoming, creative and forward-looking city.

The taste of the future

Johanna Rolland, elected Mayor of Nantes and President of Nantes Metropole in 2014.

Take the journey!

Investing in Nantes Saint-Nazaire

Île de Nantes

Innovative culture

Creative Arts District

Nantes Tech

Nantes Tourism