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Discover Nantes' treasures

Visited every year by over a million people, Nantes' diversity astonishes and its treasures delight. It boasts a rich architectural heritage, which includes the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany, Passage Pommeraye, Île Feydeau and Graslin theatre. Here, culture is celebrated in a friendly and stimulating environment.

Between the Loire and the Atlantic

Nantes is nestled on the Loire estuary, the longest river in France and last wild river in Europe. Here, the river is still influenced by the tides, and flows in both directions! The giant cranes still bear witness to the intense port activity which the city experienced up until the mid-20th century. Nowadays, the Loire acts as a backdrop for cultural activities, provides a haven for protected animals and plants and beckons people to enjoy the nearby beaches and coastline for relaxing or water sports.

As a city that was once home to the Dukes of Brittany, Nantes – a city which is Breton at heart – embodies the history of an area of transition between the countryside and the sea, between Brittany and the Loire, and between the roots of identity and the openness to discovery.

A unique cultural adventure

The Journey to Nantes Lien ouvert dans une nouvelle fenêtre is the unique structure tasked with promoting tourism in the city. As an active source of information and activities throughout the year, the Journey to Nantes organises an exploration of the city every year with thirty or so surprising and must-see sites. From Lieu Unique to the tip of the Ile de Nantes, or along the estuary, numerous installations, exhibitions and events take the city by storm and highlight its singular personality.

Culture abounds in Nantes, with its 15 museums, 34 theatres and auditoriums, and numerous venues and events demonstrating its creative vibrancy: Folle Journée Lien ouvert dans une nouvelle fenêtre, the Machines on the Ile de Nantes Lien ouvert dans une nouvelle fenêtre, Royal de Luxe Lien ouvert dans une nouvelle fenêtre, Lieu Unique Lien ouvert dans une nouvelle fenêtre, Estuaire Lien ouvert dans une nouvelle fenêtre and more. There is so much to discover during a short stay or throughout the entire year!

Gastronomy and wine growing

As the city of Petit Beurre LU biscuits and Muscadet wine, Nantes knows how to please its inhabitants! In addition to the renowned local specialities – seafood, Loire valley wines, boiled sweets and Nantes cake –, sailors have infused Nantes cuisine with world flavours over the centuries. The immediate vicinity of one of the main basins in France for growing fresh produce means that the city can make the most of some of the freshest and most varied products available. Countless markets and restaurants provide an opportunity to discover this unique culinary wealth, as it is cooked up by chefs going all out to be inventive. The website Les Tables de Nantes Lien ouvert dans une nouvelle fenêtre provides useful information to find out more about them.

Key figures
  • 15 museums
  • 34 theatres and auditoriums
  • The Journey to Nantes: A urban sensory and poetic journey spanning 8.5 km
  • Nantes >< Saint-Nazaire estuary: 28 artworks dotted around 22 sites along the 120 km Loire estuary
Take the journey!